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Work Optional

John & Lisa

Case Study 1

54 & 51


Optimize their financial plan and reduce taxes so their nest egg can allow them to make work optional.


John and Lisa don’t have a set retirement date.

Not because they can’t retire, but because they’re not sure when (or if) they want to stop working.

John is a professor and Jennifer is a respected physician. They both enjoy their careers — their work adds value and meaning to their lives.

They’ve worked for decades to excel in their fields and they aren’t ready to leave their passions simply because they’re nearing traditional retirement age.

The challenge isn’t overcoming any financial mistakes or limitations, they’ve been doing all the right things:

  • Generating high six-figure incomes

  • Maxing out retirement vehicles and other investments

  • Growing sizeable equity in their primary home

  • Protecting themselves with the right types of insurance

So what’s the problem?

John and Lisa wonder if they’re missing something. Is their current plan right for them?

They admit…they don’t know what they don’t know.

As they approach the next stage of life, they want an expert to help them make strategic decisions with their money. They also want help navigating taxes in retirement.

While John and Lisa aren’t in a hurry to retire, they want to know they have the option.


John and Lisa weren’t sure where to begin, which is why they pursued professional help from a financial planner.

Plus, they’re busy. They don’t want to get bogged down trying to figure everything out on their own.


When John and Lisa hired a financial planner, they were concerned about more than just their investments. They wanted help with the entire financial picture, especially taxes.

A comprehensive plan was put together that met all their needs:

  • A tax-efficient investment strategy to reduce risk and improve returns.

  • Reduced investment costs.

  • Improved asset allocation to better align with their goals.

  • A smart, sustainable rebalancing strategy.

  • Reduction of tax liabilities through charitable giving, roth conversions, social security timing, and more!

  • A tax-efficient IRA funding strategy.

They also adopted an easy-to-use personal finance website, helping them organize their financial life and gain clarity.

John and Lisa now enjoy the better understanding  that comes from a clear financial plan.

They have more energy and mental space to dedicate toward what they enjoy — knowing they have the choice to retire when the time is right.

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